An amendment to the proposal to restructure the bonds issued under foreign legislation was formally submitted on July 7. With respect to the original offer submitted on April 22, principal reductions are lowered, interest accruals are brought forward, coupon rates are increased, the delivery of a bonus in recognition of accrued interest on eligible bonds is added, and the average life of the new bonds is reduced.

In addition, the new bonds maturing in 2038 and 2041 are issued under Indenture 2005, and a minimum participation threshold is introduced as a condition for the effectiveness of the swap. The proposal has an  stimated average value of USD54.4 for the dollar bonds, about USD14 higher than the original offer, assuming an exit yield of 10%. The latest creditor proposals are between USD57 and USD62.

In June, there were placements of securities and loan disbursements for the equivalent of USD5.1 billion, of which AR$221.95 billion (USD3.2 billion) were obtained through marketable securities auctions.

During the month, the payment of interest coupons on the BIRAD 2117 (6/28) and DISCOUNT bonds in dollars under foreign legislation (6/30), for a total of USD328 million, was defaulted.

Debt service payments for the equivalent of US$3.86 billion (US$3.07 billion excluding holdings within the public sector) are expected for July, amounting to US$40.2 billion by the end of the year.

Analysis of the Restructuring Proposal of Public Debt under Foreign Law

Analysis of the Restructuring Proposal of Public Debt under Foreign Law

The Government submitted its proposal for the restructuring of bonds issued under foreign legislation. The swap proposal covers 21 series of bonds, issued under New York and UK legislation, and denominated in dollars, euros, and Swiss francs, totaling USD65.62 billion.

The proposal includes the swap of the eligible bonds for ten new bonds (five in dollars and five in euros), repayable in annual payments, maturing in 2030, 2036, 2039, 2043, and 2047.

Acceptance of the offer would imply a reduction of principal of 5.4%. The stock of bonds issued under foreign legislation would be reduced by USD3.67 billion (from USD65.62 billion to USD61.95 billion).

The maturity schedule would be significantly modified, due to a combination of interest coupon reduction, grace period and maturity extension. The average maturity would increase from 5.9 to 11 years.

Throughout the bonds’ life, the interest burden would be reduced by USD38.67 billion (from USD59.67 billion to USD20.99 billion). By adding the reduction of principal, a net reduction of US$42.34 billion in total servicing would be obtained. The relief would be concentrated in the first years, accumulating USD47.75 billion in the term 2020-2028.

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