About OPC


OPC`s primary and essential purpose is to provide technical support to the National Congress on the issues set forth in Law No. 27,343 with the aim of providing objective and technical tools of excellence for the analysis and legislative production. OPC´s main functions are to:

  • Analyze and produce reports on the drafting of the Annual National Administration Budget Bill.
  • Carry out, at the request of the Budget Committees of both Chambers, impact estimates on spending and revenues of bills introduced by legislators.
  • Analyze the physical-financial execution of the budget and evaluate the impact of government policy and programs expressed therein, within the framework of the SDGs.
  • Analyze the behavior of current taxes and the impact of tax reforms introduced by the Executive Branch or the Legislative Branch.
  • Carry out studies on Fiscal Federalism.
  • Carry out studies on the intertemporal sustainability of public debt.
  • Incorporate gender perspective analysis in the budget formulation and execution.

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