The Argentine Congressional Budget Office (OPC) began a new institutional cycle with the arrival of new directors.

Gabriel Esterelles, with a degree in Economics and a master’s degree in public finances, will hold the position of Director- General for a five-year term, in accordance with the provisions of the law creating the Office.

The hierarchical structure is completed by Martín López Amorós, with a degree in Economics, as Director of Fiscal and Tax Analysis, and the magister Joel Vaisman as Director of Sustainability and Public Debt Analysis. In addition, María Eugenia David Du Mutel de Pierrepont, with a degree and a master’s degree in economics, continues to head the Directorate of Studies, Analysis and Evaluation.

The new directors were formally appointed by the highest authorities of the National Congress after the competitive examination process, which placed each of them in first place among all candidates.

This process was conducted by the Parliamentary Oversight Committee, composed of members of the ruling party and the opposition, with the participation of independent technical and academic entities.

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