Although it is constant in relation to the Gross Domestic Product, the public investment forecast for fiscal year 2023 will have a real increase of 4.8% compared to the closing projection for 2022 and will amount to ARS2,261.580 billion.

  • Almost half of the public investment financed with resources from the National Government is allocated to state-owned enterprises and trust funds.
  • Energías Argentinas SA (ENARSA) is the main recipient of these funds (ARS355.020 billion), allocated to the construction of gas pipelines and the Kirchner-Cepernic dams on the Santa Cruz River.
  • Next in order of budgetary importance are the appropriations for the Pro.Cre.Ar Trust Fund (ARS183.094 billion).
  • Transfers to provinces and municipalities will contract by 20.1%.
  • China Development Bank (CDB) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) are the main external sources of financing.
  • A total of 68.2% of the Real Direct Investment is for investment projects, which require a total of ARS489.252 billion. Almost half of this budget (44.0%) is allocated to 20 projects.
  • The Conectar Igualdad program leads the procurement of capital goods, the second component of Direct Real Investment.
  • The rehabilitation of the San Martín Railroad is the most important multi-year work with ARS115.687 billion.
  • In the Consolidated Public Sector investment, state-owned enterprises gain share to the detriment of the National Administration investment.
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