The Bill proposes the automatic adjustment of the stipends of CONICET (National Scientific and Technical Research Council) fellowship holders, bringing them closer to a percentage of the amount received by an Assistant Researchers of that entity (80% and 90% for doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships, respectively). Currently, the value of the stipend is set by CONICET.

In addition, the Bill establishes that fellowship holders will have a 13th stipend and that they will be required to make Social Security contributions, giving rise to the inclusion of these persons to the Special Pension System for Scientific and Technological Researchers established by Law 22,929 as amended.

These provisions do not imply the existence of any kind of employment relationship between fellowship holders and the National Government.

The fiscal impact of this legislative proposal was estimated at an approximate expenditure of ARS13.801 billion, equivalent to 0.008% of GDP, consisting of ARS28.787 billion in expenses, partially offset by the collection of ARS14.986 billion in Social Security contributions.

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