In the 2023 Budget Bill, allocations to cross-cutting policies show heterogeneous real variations with respect to the projected closing for 2022: +0.1% for the gender equality policy, -11.7% for children and adolescents, -8.1% for the assistance to persons with disabilities and +14.0% for the sustainable environment and climate change policy.

  • The budget allocated to gender, children and disability policies does not contemplate the delivery of bonuses for income reinforcement, which were granted during 2022.
  • A financial reduction of 24.5% is forecast for the Alimentar card, after inflation is discounted. This drop could be greater since this benefit has accumulated as of October practically all the projected expenditure for the end of 2022.
  • The appropriation allocated to the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity shows a real drop of 10.4%, explained by the projected decrease in the Acompañar program. Within this entity, strong increases are expected in equality and diversity policies.
  • Significant increases are expected in the Conectar Igualdad program, within the policies oriented to children and adolescents, and in the SEDRONAR program of attention, assistance, and integration, within the framework of the cross-cutting disability policy.
  • More than half of the budget allocated to environmental and climate change policies is for water and sanitation infrastructure projects implemented by AySA and ACUMAR.
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