The Argentine Congressional Budget Office (OPC) held a training meeting with parliamentary advisors to explain the content and dynamics of a new information tool.

The National Government Energy subsidies monitor, which has been recently published on the OPC’s website, details the evolution of these subsidies for the 2006-2023 term, disaggregated by month and recipient.

The new interactive tool also allows tracking the physical and financial execution of subsidies, with values expressed in current USD, current ARS, and constant ARS, and includes indicators referring to natural gas and electricity tariffs and production costs.

The presentation was given by analyst Pablo Barousse at the OPC’s headquarters and was attended by advisors from the Budget and Finance and Energy Committees of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

The training will enable those who support the daily work of legislators to optimize the use of the monitor, which offers historical and current data on issues concerning the economic reality.

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