Last Saturday, September 17, OPC’s Director of Studies, Analysis and Evaluation, María Eugenia Pierrepont, participated in the first “Actions for Work” meeting organized by the Éforo Foundation in Ensenada, province of Buenos Aires. The event gathers representatives from different political, social, business and trade union sectors with the aim of generating spaces for debate on central issues for Argentina’s development.

In the panel “Work in the knowledge era”, Ms. Pierrepont, together with Federico Recagno (President of the Éforo Foundation) and Facundo Manes (National Deputy), discussed aspects related to work in the future and the challenges of the Argentine labor market in a world where technology is a key factor.

The meeting was also attended by María Migliore (Minister of Human Development and Habitat of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires), Verónica Tenaglia (technological entrepreneur), Pedro Fernández (Secretary-General of APOC for the Province of Buenos Aires), Brenda Austin (former National Deputy), Mariano Narodowski (Professor at Torcuato Di Tella University), Carla Pitiot (Director of the Bank for Investment and Foreign Trade), Micaela Ferraro (Secretary of Integral Approach of the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Nation), and Pablo Flores (Secretary-General of AEFIP).

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