The Argentine Congressional Budget Office is working on the release of three new monitors to facilitate the dissemination of data and monitoring of the national budget execution in key areas.

The first one is on tax revenue, which will provide information on the revenues of the National Government, with the respective disaggregation of sources.

Another of these interactive platforms is on energy subsidies, useful for monitoring funds allocated to subsidize energy services and hydrocarbon production.

The third monitor will have information on the evolution of employment in the National Non-Financial Public Sector, with data for each year during the last decade.

With the purpose of facilitating access to this tool, the OPC organized virtual workshops to train parliamentary advisors in the use of the three monitors already available on its website.

The first of these meetings, scheduled for Monday, May 22 at 2 p.m., will focus on the monitor “Budgetary actions for children and adolescents”. On May 30, it will be on the use of “Public debt indicators” and on June 5 it will be the turn of “Gender-responsive budgeting”.

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