Fiscal responsibility, sustainability of public accounts, clean energies, achievements, and challenges in 40 years of democracy were the main topics of the 37th seminar of the Argentine Association of Public Budget (ASAP), which on this occasion was organized jointly with the government of the province of Mendoza.

The seminar, which took place between May 16 and 19 in the city of Mendoza, brought together national and international experts in the different topics addressed and officials from different branches and levels of government.

María Eugenia David Du Mutel de Pierrepont, Director of Studies, Analysis and Evaluation of the Argentine Congressional Budget Office, participated in the third day of the event, which included discussions on green financial management, sustainable public finances and planning and budgeting for sustainable development.

“Planning is key for economic growth compatible with environmental care and social welfare. In Argentina it has been difficult for governments to agree on a long-term plan, one that transcends a government term,” said de Pierrepont, also OPC Interim General Director.

“Without this planning, the path towards sustainable development has been traced on the basis of isolated, uncoordinated and, in many cases, unsustainable actions over time. This is one of the challenges that our country faces today,” she stressed.

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