In May, tax revenue grew 50.4% in nominal terms with respect to the same month of the previous year but declined 4.3% in real terms during the same period. This decline deepens to 6.5% when considering the first five months of the year.

Overall tax revenue has been declining in real terms for eleven consecutive months, although it began to reduce the rate of decline.

In this context, Income Tax exceeded the collection expectations for the month with an increase of 7.5% year-on-year in real terms. Together with taxes on foreign trade, it is one of the taxes whose growth exceeded inflation.

VAT contracted by 8.1% in May, although this record implies a deceleration of the falls of the last seven months.

The decline in Social Security resources deepened because of the deterioration of the labor market and the changes in the employer contributions system. However, in the fifth month of the year, Social Security resources might have found its lowest level, and in the following months the trend may consolidate.

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