In April, national tax revenue totaled AR$817.88 billion, the highest increase since April 2003, with a real increase of 40.8% and a nominal increase of 105.5%.

The nominal exchange rate increase and the low base of comparison for last year -when the economic activity was restricted by the preventive and mandatory social isolation- partly explain this result.

Social Security resources grew in real terms for the first time since September 2020.

The most significant variations above inflation were those of Income Tax (36.4% YoY), VAT (35.7%), Wealth Tax (224.5% YoY) and co-participated taxes (154.4% YoY), in some cases because of regulatory amendments that expanded the tax base.

Tax revenue had a negative real increase since January 2020, a situation that was reversed in September 2020 steadily up to date.

PAIS Tax collection shrank again and accrued USD 2.17 billion since its creation.

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