During 2023, budget transfers made by the National Government to provincial and local governments totaled ARS1,934.885 billion. That amount implied 1.01% of GDP, 0.27 percentage points below the average of the previous 8 years.

  • The amount is equivalent to 13.5% of the resource revenue sharing regime, a percentage that varies greatly among the provinces.
  • Current transfers reached ARS1,455.969 billion (0.76% of GDP) and capital transfers ARS478.916 billion (0.25% of GDP).
  • The Fiscal Strengthening Fund of the Province of Buenos Aires was eliminated by Executive Order 192/2024 dated February 26, 2024. It is estimated that if the Fund had remained in force, it would have received ARS873.765 billion (0.14% of GDP) during the current fiscal year.
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