In September, the restructuring operations of foreign currency securities issued under foreign
legislation (Law 27,544) and local legislation (Law 27,556) were settled, which involved
cancellations of eligible securities for USD108.1 billion and placements of new bonds for
USD110.9 billion.
Excluding these operations, there were placements of securities and loan disbursements for the
equivalent of USD4.7 billion, of which AR$252.8 billion (USD3.4 billion) were auctions of
marketable securities in pesos. On the other hand, the equivalent of USD3.1 billion of principal
was paid, mainly due to maturities of Treasury bills in pesos. Likewise, interest payments were
made for the equivalent of USD447 million, of which 76% were in pesos.
Debt service maturities for the equivalent of USD3.86 billion are estimated for October, totaling
USD17.06 billion until the end of the year (approximately USD8.4 billion if holdings within the
public sector are excluded).

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