In March, the stock of public debt payable in domestic currency reached ARS121,649.577, which implies an increase of 13.5% with respect to the closing of February. The amount payable in foreign currency remained at a similar level and reached USD258.766 billion on the last day of the third month of the year.

  • Eighty-two percent of bonds in pesos are adjustable by CER (Reference Stabilization Coefficient).
  • In March, the net issuance of peso-denominated debt amounted to ARS3,442.128 billion.
  • Securities payable in pesos for ARS43,829.631 billion were swapped.
  • Debt in foreign currency decreased by USD467 million with respect to February’s closing.
  • Debt in foreign currency for USD408 million was cancelled, mainly payments to multilateral credit organizations and to the Paris Club.
  • Estimated debt service for the April-September term in domestic currency amounts to ARS15,822.393 billion and in foreign currency to USD16.42 billion.
  • In March, payments to the IMF totaled the equivalent of USD4.156 billion.
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