OPC 5 Public Debt Operations 5 PUBLIC DEBT OPERATIONS – JUNE 2021


  • On June 22, an understanding was reached with the Paris Club for the debt of USD2.43 billion that was not cancelled in May. Two partial payments were agreed in July 2021 and February 2022 for USD231 million and USD199 million, respectively. Payment of the remaining balance is deferred until a new agreement is reached, with a deadline in May 2022.
  • In June, three market auctions were held, resulting in the placement of different instruments for a total of ARS590.86 billion, of which ARS402.51 billion were subscribed in cash. The remainder consisted of a voluntary exchange of BONCER TC21 for which BONCER T2X2 and T2X3 were placed.
  • Maturities for July are estimated to total the equivalent of USD5.36 billion. Excluding holdings within the public sector, maturities are reduced to USD2.61 billion, of which 72% is paid in domestic currency.
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