• As of December 31, 2023, the debt stock in pesos amounted to ARS83,677.668 billion and that in foreign currency totaled USD264.968 billion.
  • During the year, debt in pesos had a net increase of ARS60,453.903 billion due to the combined effect of valuation adjustments, net debt issuance and interest capitalization.
  • Debt with the IMF amounted to approximately USD40.899 billion at year-end, which implies a reduction of USD5.1 billion with respect to the previous year-end.
  • During 2024, payments to the IMF are expected to total the equivalent of USD7.463 billion.
  • Net financing from the Central Bank to the Treasury totaled ARS1,698 billion in 2023 (ARS1,298 billion from temporary advances and ARS400 billion from profits).
  • Estimated debt services for 2024 in domestic currency total ARS94,103.633 billion and in foreign currency are estimated at USD33.090 billion.
  • Maturities in foreign currency for January are estimated at the equivalent of USD12.080 billion, of which USD8.104 billion are repayments of BCRA (Central Bank) bills and USD1.967 million for the IMF stand-by loan.
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