Direct cash transfers to individuals or households represented about 45% of the National Government expenditure and were equivalent to 10.7% of GDP in 2021. During 2020 they had increased significantly to mitigate the effects of the quarantine.

  • – Between 2019 and 2021, pensions fell as a proportion of GDP (by 0.66 percentage points) and social aids increased (1.02 p.p.).
  • – These aids also grew in the number of benefits.
  • – The beneficiaries of the contributory subsystem decreased by 300.000 (because of the beneficiaries of contributory family allowances) and their share of GDP also fell (0.4 p.p.).
  • – In the same period, non-contributory benefits increased their share: 3.3 million benefits were added, and expenditure increased by 0.9% of GDP, which shows that the population in need of assistance is growing.
  • – In 2021, pensions decreased as a proportion of GDP to lower levels than in 2019, including those obtained through moratoriums.
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