The accrued expenditure of the activities identified by the Executive Branch with the initials PPG (Gender-Responsive Budgeting) represented 17% of the total National Government expenditure and increased 18% with respect to the original forecast contained in the Budget Law for the fiscal year 2021. This increase is below the average of the rest of the central government’s expenditures.

  • Ninety-nine percent of PPG expenditure was allocated to strengthen the economic autonomy of women and other genders through direct monetary transfers.
  • All benefits granted by ANSES were executed in accordance with what was authorized by the Congress.
  • The Alimentar Card and the Potenciar Trabajo program more than doubled their original budgets and expanded the universe of beneficiaries.
  • The gender-based violence dimension increased its budget by 142%, basically because of the funds allocated as of October to the Acompañar program, which amounted to ARS13 billion.
  • Sexual and reproductive health activities showed an average drop of 15.5% in their budgets.
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