The purpose of the preliminary Bill on Equal Parental Leaves is to introduce amendments regarding leaves of absence for people working under employment relationship in the formal sector, covered by the Labor Contract Law 20,744, Law 26,844 on the Special Regime of Labor Contract for the Personnel of Private Houses, and Law 26,727 of the Agricultural Work Regime, as well as to make amendments to Law 24.241 of the Integrated System of Retirement and Pensions and to the regulations related to Social Security, Prepaid Health Insurance Companies and the personnel of the National Public Administration.

The proposed amendments would generate a fiscal impact resulting from the parental allowances either due to the need to cover more leave days with respect to the current regulation or due to the creation of new leaves of absence not previously provided for.

The fiscal impact of the legislative proposal was estimated at an approximate expenditure of ARS75.604 billion, which is equivalent to 0.045% of GDP for 2023.

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