The analysis of the amendments, additions, or clarifications to the preliminary draft opinion on leaves complements the study conducted by the OPC on June 22, 2023, using the new wording of the draft opinion. The following are the changes with respect to the previous document:

  • Inclusion of self-employed individuals as potential beneficiaries of parental allowances whose monthly amount will be equivalent to the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Net Wage in force in each period (added).
  • Possibility of receiving parental allowances for pregnant and non-pregnant persons simultaneously by both parents (clarification).
  •  Financing of employer’s social security contributions through the resources of the Family Allowances regime (clarification).

If a financing mechanism for the Pension System similar to the one provided for in the Bill for the Social Security Health Insurances were applied, the budgetary impact for the National Government would then reach ARS113.458,99 billion, which is equivalent to 0.068% of the expected GDP for 2023, since the personal contributions of those who receive the allowances would enter the ANSES (National Social Security Administration), thus generating an income for the National Government.

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