The Bill proposes to grant a “Malvinas Historical Reparation” benefit to persons who, in compliance with the Compulsory Military Service Law, were enlisted as privates in the conscription service and participated in the South Atlantic conflict in the period between April 2 and June 14, 1982, in effective combat actions in the Malvinas Theater of Operations (TOM), in the Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, or effectively entered into combat in the area of the South Atlantic Theater of Operations (TOAS) and to the civilians who were performing service or support functions in the aforementioned places, and in case of death of the deceased, for their beneficiaries.

The benefit consists of an amount equivalent to 104 minimum pensions of the SIPA (Argentine Integrated Pension System) and will be paid in 24 consecutive payments updated by the pension mobility index.

Assuming that 11,824 beneficiaries will receive the historical reparation in a staggered manner as from September of the current fiscal year, the fiscal impact for the National Government was estimated at an approximate expense of ARS9.448 billion in 2023 (0.006% of GDP), ARS88.217 billion in 2024 (0.026% of GDP), and ARS128.381 billion in 2025 (0.025% of GDP).

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