This report analyzes the Bill providing for the creation of a differential pension scheme for workers and contractors of vineyards and fruit orchards, so that they can access the benefit at 57 years of age, if they can prove 25 years of service and contributions.

It also provides for an increase of two percentage points (2%) in the employer’s contribution to the SIPA (Argentine Integrated Pension System).

According to OPC, the population covered by this project is estimated at 35,700.
On the revenue side, the fiscal impact of the 2 percentage points (2%) increase in employer contributions is projected at ARS131 million.

Based on the information available and under certain assumptions, the increase in the number of persons qualified because of the reduction in the retirement age (greater than or equal to 57 years of age) was estimated at 2,115 persons.

To estimate the impact of the higher expenditure, 5 assumptions were considered for percentages of retirement qualifications during the first year, ranging from 20.6% to 100% of the number estimated, with an expenditure of between ARS131 million and ARS634 million.

If 20.6% of the increase in retirement age cases are processed, the fiscal impact would be offset by increased revenues.

Under a hypothesis of 50% of the cases reaching retirement age, the fiscal cost would be ARS187 million, and with 100%, it would increase to ARS504 million.

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