Bill 0029-S-2022 proposes a differential pension system for workers who work or have worked as forest or rural fire fighters in national or provincial agencies of transferred pension funds, within the framework of the National Fire Management Service, Law 26,815.

Based on the information available, a potential universe of 894 workers was identified as beneficiaries of the differential pension system, of which 514 hold positions in national agencies and 380 in provincial agencies of transferred pension funds.

The workers in national agencies are under the Federal Fire Management System and work in the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (133 agents) and in the National Parks Administration (381 workers).

As for the firefighters of provincial agencies with transferred pension funds and those who are not currently working, there is no salary and personnel information available.

Based on this limitation, with the information referred to workers employed at the national level, an increase in contributions to the system of 7.4% (ARS18.1 million of higher annual income) is estimated for fiscal year 2023 in relation to what is expected to be collected through the general system (Law 24,241).

In terms of the system’s expenditure, an increase of 54.7% (ARS1.2 million higher annual expenditure) is estimated for 2023, with respect to the expenditure of the current system calculated based on 2 workers who would be in a position to request the differential benefit.

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