Bill S-341/2022 proposes the amendment of two Sections of the National Parks Law (Law No. 22,351).

By the first amendment, the National Parks Administration’s Head Office is to be relocated from the City of Buenos Aires to the City of El Calafate, Province of Santa Cruz. The second amendment provides for an update of fines for violations to the National Parks Law, which was last updated in 2004, by means of Executive Order No. 130/04.

The information required to quantify the fiscal impact of the relocation of the Head Office is not available. It is necessary to have additional data to be provided by the National Parks Administration to properly estimate the 2023 budget and, if applicable, to include additional appropriations. This information should include estimates for: personnel, place of operation, consumer goods and fixed assets.

In terms of resources, an increase in the collection of fines of 2,790% was estimated, which reflects the proposed percentage increase in the minimum and maximum fines amount. This adjustment would result in an estimated revenue equivalent to ARS 205.4 million, which would be updated annually using the value of the mobile unit.

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