The aviation security tax paid by passengers on domestic and international flights to the Airport Security Police (PSA, by its initials in Spanish), the collection of which is not part of any item detailed in the national budget, is proposed to be eliminated.

  • According to PSA data, ARS4.901 billion were collected in 2023 and ARS8.94 billion are expected to be collected in 2024, based on the projection of the collection for the January-March term (ARS2.789 billion).
  • The resources are earmarked for the maintenance and updating of equipment for the optimization and modernization of the infrastructure and operating methods of the airport security system, but cannot finance the hiring of personnel for the provision of PSA services or the granting of incentives to its agents.
  • In 2023 revenues from the aviation security tax represented 9.5% of the total budget executed by the agency.
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