The purpose of Bill S-1565/19 is to establish a regulatory framework to define the rights, duties and guarantees of youth, as well as the implementation of public policy to guarantee and promote their effective exercise.

The Bill promotes changes in the institutional structure with competence over the sectors and areas involved in youth issues. It proposes the creation of three agencies for the promotion of youth development: National Secretariat of Youth, within the scope of the Chief of

Cabinet of Ministers; National Institute of Youth (INJUVE), as a decentralized entity of the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers; and Federal

Council of Youth, within the scope of INJUVE.

The Bill foresees that the necessary allocations may not be less than 0.02% of total current revenues included in the Consolidated Annual Budget for the National Public Sector.

It is estimated a fiscal cost of AR$928 million for 2020 and AR$1.3 billion for 2021.

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