The purpose of Bill PE 198-21 is to grant a one-time extraordinary benefit to those who died or suffered serious injuries because of the repression carried out by the Government during the protests held throughout the national territory on December 19 and 20, 2001, within the framework of the state of siege declared by means of Executive Order 1,678/2001. The benefit would be granted to the injured or the rightful beneficiaries of the deceased victims.

As stated in the Bill, 39 people lost their lives and more than one hundred were injured throughout the country.

To estimate the fiscal impact of the Bill, a maximum assumption is made, where all beneficiaries of the 39 deceased persons, as well as those severely injured, comply with all the requirements set forth in the Bill, apply for the benefit and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the competent authority, grants it to them. It is considered that in all cases the full amount of the benefit is received.

The expenditure that the Bill under analysis would require if approved during the current fiscal year and under the assumptions made, would amount to ARS 1.538 billion at May 2022 values.

For beneficiaries of deceased persons, the benefit amount would be of ARS14.1 million, and for those severely injured, the benefit amount would be of ARS9.9 million (equivalent to that provided for beneficiaries of deceased persons, reduced by 30%).

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