The purpose of this report is to analyze and estimate the fiscal impact of the Bill called “Plan de Pago de Deuda Previsional” (Pension Debt Payment Plan), which has been approved by the Senate of the Nation.

Two instruments are created through this Bill: the Pension Debt Payment Unit, aimed at people who have reached retirement age and have missed years of contributions; and the Contribution Cancellation Unit, aimed at employees, self-employed and simplified regime taxpayers who do not expect to reach the required years of contributions at the present time.

These instruments reopen the possibility of access to a semi-contributory benefit for individuals with missing contributions, making both genders equal in the possibility of accessing the program and allowing the regularization of a greater number of years than the moratoriums currently in force.

Under the assumptions made in the report, it is estimated that for the first year of the measure’s implementation the fiscal impact would be 0.27% of GDP, reaching 0.42% of GDP during the second year.

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