This report presents the analysis of a first group of the tax measures contained in the Bill “Bases and Starting Point for the Freedom of Argentines”, as well as an estimate of their fiscal cost wherever possible. The report includes:

  • The Regime on Regularization of Tax, Customs and Social Security Obligations provides greater benefits than those granted by current regulations. The fiscal impact of this Regime is not estimated due to the large number of assumptions that should be made with respect to individual taxpayers’ decisions.
  • Tax on the Transfer of Real Estate of Individuals and Undivided Estates. The Bill proposes the elimination of this tax, which in the absence of a regulatory change would have meant an estimated revenue of 0.0153% of GDP in 2024.
  • The increase of Export Duties in force, or their application on non-taxed positions could increase revenues by 0.42% of GDP.
  • The fiscal transparency regime for consumers, which obliges to differentiate VAT on invoices regardless of the tax category of the purchaser, has no fiscal impact.
  • The Incentive Regime for Large Investments does not reduce tax revenues because it involves new projects which, if implemented, would generate a tax expenditure due to the promised tax benefits.
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