The Budget Bill for 2021 shows a decrease in allocations for cross-cutting policies in real terms. with respect to the estimated closing for 2020 (3.6% for gender equality policy, 2.7% for children and adolescents, and 9.1% for the care of persons with disabilities)
On the other hand, items related to actions against gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health, educational infrastructure, digital education, and spending on the defense of children and adolescents, show significant increases in real terms.

  • The Budget Bill makes gender equality a priority of budgetary policy: the allocation of resources loses to inflation, but its share of total spending rises to 19% next year.
  • The item Gender Violence will have an increase of 618.5% in real terms: AR$4.5 billion will be allocated to “Acompañar”, a new program to assist persons and groups most affected by gender violence.
  • The budget assigned to the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity registers a real increase of 765% compared to 2020.
  • The resources allocated to the Alimentar card will have a reduction of 34.8% in real terms and the contributions to school canteens will decline 22.6%. This year, these programs received exceptional reinforcements in the context of the health emergency.
  • The provision and supply of vaccines for children and adolescents will rise 5% in real terms and the amount of fortified milk will increase 61%, but the allocation to the Garrahan Hospital will fall 11.7%.
  • Universal allowance for social protection shows a budgetary decrease of 11.7% in real terms, which is lessened, but does not change its trend, if we consider the extraordinary outlays granted in the framework of the pandemic during 2020, which raises the basis for comparison.
  • Funds for the construction and improvement of kindergartens will increase by 595%.
  • Resources for disability care will fall by 9.1%, partly because special assistance granted during the pandemic is not considered for next year.
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