Authorities of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee, which oversees the operation of the Argentine Congressional Budget Office (OPC), participated in a meeting with the new authorities and the staff of the OPC at the headquarters of the entity.

National Senator Ricardo Guerra (Frente Justicialista Riojano), head of the body and president of the Budget and Finance Committee of the Senate, Senator Juliana di Tullio (Unidad Ciudadana), Senator Víctor Zimmermann (Juntos por el Cambio) and the president of the Budget Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Carlos Heller (Frente de Todos) met with the director-general of the OPC, Gabriel Esterelles, to discuss the work agenda of the Office.

The visit also included a meeting with the technical teams and the other directors of the OPC, Martín López Amorós (Fiscal and Tax Analysis), Eugenia Pierrepont (Studies, Analysis and Evaluation) and Joel Vaisman (Sustainability and Public Debt Analysis).

The legislators highlighted the technical soundness of the OPC, praised the usefulness of its reports to feed the parliamentary debate and reaffirmed the creation of the Office as the result of a joint endorsement given by legislators from different parties.

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