On January 31, the terms of office of the OPC General Director, Marcos Makón, of the Director of Fiscal and Tax Analysis, Carlos Guberman, and of the Director of Sustainability and Public Debt Anlysis, Mariano Ortiz Villafañe, ended, in accordance with the terms established by law.

During the meeting held to close this first stage, Makón expressed his “deep personal satisfaction for having had the opportunity to participate from the beginning in the OPC’s operation” and thanked “the support provided by the Parliamentary Oversight Committee, the legislators of the different benches and the Executive Branch, as well as for the invaluable service vocation and professionalism of the OPC’s staff”.

“As a fervent defender of democracy, I consider that the OPC has contributed, and should continue to contribute, to strengthen the role of the National Congress which, as representative of the people, requires to have objective technical analyses supported by solid, reliable and timely information on fiscal matters, necessary for the processes of review, approval and follow-up of policies in the matter”, he stressed.

Pending the resolution of the competitions to renew the directorates with expired mandate, the Parliamentary Oversight Committee appointed, through Resolution No. 1-CSP/23, the general directorate of the OPC to María Eugenia David du Mutel de Pierrepont, until now in charge of the Directorate of Studies, Analysis and Evaluation.

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