On Tuesday, September 6, OPC’s Director, Marcos Makón, spoke at the “30th Anniversary of Law 24,156 on Public Financial Administration and Control – Model, Challenges and Perspectives” which took place in the Auditorium of the HCDN (Chamber of Deputies of the National Congress).

The Conference included panels with different specialists in public financial administration who shared their opinions and experiences on the model, challenges, and perspectives introduced by the Law.

The organizing team of the Meeting included deputies Agustín Domingo (Provincias Unidas coalition), Ignacio Garcia Aresca (Federal coalition), Germana Figueroa Casas (Juntos por el Cambio), and senator Ricardo Guerra (Frente de Todos).

Marcos Makon (co-author of Law 24,156), Guillermo Schweinheim (Director of the Master’s Program in Government Auditing and Professor of Comparative Systems at UNSAM – National University of San Martín), Jorge Mauro Vega (Director of Planning of the Argentine Association of Budget and Public Financial Administration – ASAP), Oscar Lamberto (former National deputy , former National senator, former Secretary of Finance, and former President of the General Auditing Office of the Nation), Martín Di Bella (Director of Banco Nación), Jorge Sarghini (former Minister of Economy of the province of Buenos Aires, former Secretary of Finance of the Nation and former National deputy ), Jorge Brusa (economist specialized in Public Finance), Ricardo Gutierrez (main author of Law 24,156 and international consultant in Public Finance), and Jorge Domper (Undersecretary of Budget of the Nation), spoke as specialists on the subject.

The meeting was attended by legislators, advisors, and the general public. The contributions made by specialists with extensive academic and management experience provide a solid basis for conceiving scenarios for legislative modernization.

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